3 Tips for the perfect lash lift

Shield or Rod Selection

Make sure the rod or shield you select accommodates the lashes 3/4 of the way up for maximum lift. When in doubt, go smaller for more lift!

Direction & Lash separation

How they look on the rod or shield is how they will look when finished.

If they are crossed over, messy looking &/or clumped together, then that will be your final result. Always work in small sections and take your time for that perfect direction & separation. If they don't look the way you want, start over.

Lotion Placement

All Lotions should be 1mm from root of lash to 3/4 up. Thick, even application all the way across making sure each lash has the proper amount of lotion.

Make sure to avoid the tips of natural lashes, avoid the eyeline and especially avoid the skin to avoid a chemical burn!