Client After Care


- If lashes are not flash cured with the nano mister clients must not get wet for 24 hrs.

- Side and stomach sleepers need to be cautious of lash loss, advice the client to try and adjust the pillow so the lashes are off the side. Sleep masks that have indents for the lashes are available to help keep the clients retention.

- If they choose to use mascara on their bottom lashes only they must use lash extension friendly mascara. Never to be used on areas with extensions. Only bottom lashes. Or lash extensions loss will occur! You will also create an environment that can cause blepharitis.

- Eyeliner should be a liquid pot liner, no gel or pencils. 

- Do not over wash or overbrush your extensions. Doing so will cause excess loss.

- Every client needs to be taught proper aftercare. No picking, pulling, rubbing or touching is essential for lash line health and retention. By keeping your eyes free of cosmetics and creams you will ensure longevity. I teach to consider raccoon eyes as the visual of area to keep clean.

- Shampoo Brushes we recommend these for every client the shampoo brushes deep clean without lifting the bases.

- Shampoo before every set or fill. Using a shampoo brush can help ensure all oils, buildup or makeup are washed away from lash line. They must only use products for eyelash extensions nothing over the counter. By keeping lash line clean it will ENSURE extensions will last longer. 

Really encourage them to purchase a lash shampoo to ensure optimal retention.

- Growth Serum can be recommended for clients who have weak natural lashes, mature clients, or if they have had lash damage from a previous lash job elsewhere.

- No makeup remover or makeup remover wipes are to be used near the eye area or it will essentially break down the adhesive. 

Our lash cream removers are formulated with high oil content which s what breaks down the glue so we need to avoid all oil products.

- Encourage your client to use lash shampoo 3 times weekly to ensure healthy lashes and optimal retention. Dirty lashes will cause excess loss. You cannot clean your lashes too much as long as you are always gentle and only use formulas created for eyelash extensions.

- Always wash your clients lashes before every set and fill

- Be cautious near heat such as stoves, bbq, lighters as it can cause the lashes to singe.

Stay away from:

All oils





Excess makeup especially creams and liquids

Non lash approved mascara as it will close and clump your fans

Make up removers even if they say oil free it's a lie

Makeup wipes

Cotton swabs as the fibres will catch and remove the extensions