My Lash Obsession brand Ambassador


Are you a lash artist who loves My Lash Obsession products and vision?


If so, join our My Lash Obsession team and become an ambassador today!


My Lash Obsession Artistry & Training Academy strives to provide the highest level of training and innovative products to lash artists! 

A Brand Ambassador is an individual who is passionate about the lash industry and is interested in being part of a growing brand!

We are looking for energetic and positive individuals to join the team!

You must be a believer of team support, honesty & integrity!





My Lash Ambassador Benefits:


Exclusive 15% Discount for all our products


Extra gifts for the most active Ambassadors


First to test out new products and submit feedback


Featured on our social media platforms posts and stories


My Lash Obsession Ambassador Requirements:


-Certified Lash Technician

- Business Facebook &/or Instagram of 300 likes or more 


-Give permission for MLO to repost your photos on our social media sites and website etc.


-Add "@My Lash Obsession Ambassador" to your instagram bio or products ambassador


-Be active on social media platforms 


-Be our current customer and ONLY use our products


-As our Ambassador, you may not post about, use other companies products, or represent any other lash company while you are part of our program 


-Have a professional image and reputation, in-person and online 


-A consistent schedule of posting lash related material on social media AT LEAST once a week


-Tag us is all posts using our products, please specify products used.


-A voice in the lash industry, supporting and encouraging fellow students and artists on social media 

( actively commenting on Facebook, Facebook forums, and Instagram )


-If you wish to educate while being an ambassador you MUST ONLY educate using our products, however we must be informed of your intent to educate prior to acceptance to ambassador or prior to training while currently being an ambassador


* We look forward to learning about YOU! And hope you can join our team!

We are only able to select a specific number of individuals to join our team. 

As a result, not all applicants will be accepted as Brand Ambassador.

We thank you all for your interest in joining!