Applying Shields

Let's begin!

To get started we must apply eyelids to the bottom lash line. If we do not the bottom lashes can be accidentally permed upwards and be very annoying and irritating. By applying pads it also protects the skin from accidental exposure to the lash lift chemicals.

Once you have applied the pads we can go ahead and attach the shields. 

The goal is to get the shields as close to the lash roots as possible. If there is a gap you will not get as much lift as you were hoping for. We also want to make sure both eyelids are applied at the same angles and distance as the other eye.

1- Using the water soluble skin approved lash lift adhesive (Must not use any other form of adhesive) Run a bead along the entire length of the back side of the shield. This will help the shield stick to the clients skin so it is not shuffling around which can affect the outcome of the lift.

2- Press against the clients skin for roughly 10 seconds. If any section is lifting reapply some glue on the underside using a micro swab.

3- Once the shields are on properly we can proceed to apply the solutions.


Once the shields are applied BEFORE any solutions are applied gently pull back the clients eyes to slightly open, this will show you if you have missed any natural lashes or if you have some bottoms stuck in the top attached to the shield.

If there are some bottoms attached take your tool and carefully very carefully fish it out ALWAYS FACING AWAY FROM THE EYE BALL.

 One more thing to remember is choose a shield that fits their natural lashes. You do not want the lashes to overhang as it will cause a kink at the tips if any chemicals come into contact with he natural lashes.

You also do not want the shield to be much longer than the natural lashes. Ideally you would like the natural lashes to fit the length of the shield. Also to note, the smaller the shield the greater the lift so if you are going for a dramatic lift and can do so drop one size smaller. 

Now that you have the shields on lets go ahead and attach the natural lashes.

Go ahead and put a small amount of the WATER SOLUBLE adhesive onto the shield in a small section. Working section by section brush backwards the natural lashes onto the shield. You may need to brush back a couple times to get the lashes to stick.

Remember to make sure that there are no crossing over natural lashes. That everything is individual and facing the same direction. Remember no crossing over of lashes and no clumps. Everything should be separated and a nice flow to them. The way they sit on the shield is the way they will perm.

How should look with shields on and eye closed. MAKE SURE the pad has not slid up into the eye as it will cut and irritate.

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How should look with shields on and eye closed. MAKE SURE the pad has not slid up into the eye as it will cut and irritate.

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