Appointment Prep


Technician Prep

This is a visual market and because it is so we should always make sure we are professional looking visually and verbally.  It is very easy to lose a client from improper setup.  Make sure your working area is professional and clean.  Dress to impress and always keep a smile on your face.  It's a tough industry and clients will be variable.  Each client is valuable and important.  They are paying for a service that is to pamper themselves.


Always wash your hands with an industry approved antibacterial hand soap near to your client.  It will confirm you follow health guidelines.

Keep your hands manicured and clean looking at all times.  Our hands are always to be seen

Technician posture is necessary both for your back and neck health but also helps improve your speed and placement.  Make sure you have ample room to stretch if need be, legroom, products nearby etc.

An adjustable seat is an excellent way to ensure you can adjust to any client change.



Directly on applied on the back of hand the lash strips are cut down in size and disposed of after each use for sanitation.  There are also hand pallets which provide best sanitation option to hand method.



Handy because everything is in one area creating optimal time management.

Similar to the hand pallet you must discard each strip after each use.  So make sure to cut down.  Also your glue and sticky dot is used can be placed on the same tile.



You must do a pre wash before application, and if there is any sensitive individual with increased reaction.

Lash shampooing prior ensures you have removed any makeup, natural oils and protein from the natural lashes which gives you the assurance you have met all health requirements as well as it greatly improves retention. You can do this with an eyeshadow brush that must be sanitised after each use or lint free applicators.




1- With clients eyes closed apply ½ pump eyelash shampoo to each eyelid making sure to avoid contact with client. Or directly upon sterilized prep brushes.

2- Gently in downward strokes along the length of extensions brush each extension to cleanse both the natural and artificial lash.

3- Wash both the upper lid and under eye area to remove any makeup, oils and protein.

4- With an alreadys sanitised squeeze bottle have the client tip her head into a clean washcloth or towel as you rinse away the shampoo.

5- Blot away excess water and fan your clients lashes until dry.

6- Proceed with applying lash pads.

There has been much research into shampooing after a set or fill and the risk of allergic reaction being greatly reduced. Most of the time we are not actually allergic to the glue but rather one of the following:

Lash pads

Lash shampoo

Carbon black in the glue