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I took the Russian volume & Mega lash training with Shantyl and I have to say hands down without a doubt she is highly skilled at what she teaches. She had to re train me away from some bad habits I was taught and doing, which I am beyond great full for ... I can’t wait to provide the best quality lashes with application and retention skills that she has now taught me ....
I never want to go back to my old ways again, it’s not good for me or my clients and with her teaching skills and knowledge I now feel safe in knowing I will be offering the best quality lashes here forward .... totally recommend Shantyl, she will never steer you wrong.


Shantyl was great. I learned a lot and enjoyed my class. She was on point and gave me useful tips


Amazing lash artist! I took her classic lash course and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. Also love my lashes done by her. You rock!


Shantyl is the most professional lash tech I've been too, she is so particular and picky with each lash set she does! She doesn't let you leave unless you are 100% satisfied, literally she will lay you back down to fix 1 lash. Their is no one else like her, she is the best of the best! No other lash artist can compare!


I have had my lashes done by Shantyl many times and each time I've been so happy. She is very good at what she does and take extreme pride in what she does. I love her work so much that even when I moved to Edmonton, I'd drive back for my fills


I have been going to shantyl for lash extensions since I moved to Grande Prairie almost 2 years ago. She removed a very painful set of lashes for me that I had placed elsewhere when I first got here and I can honestly say I have never looked back. I enjoy our chats and the relaxing atmosphere I experience each and every time. To say she’s the best is an understatement in my opinion!! I always leave happy and if there were ever an instance I weren’t happy I KNOW she would go above and beyond to assure I left happy!! I Look forward to my lash fills each and every month!! Would highly and often do recommend shantyl to everyone!!

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