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Light Volume Extensions

2-4D volume fans.

This look is a crossover technique for a natural look with added thickness. Subtle fullness volume can offer. It is a great choice for those who can't decide which look is their favourite. With a variety of style options, it is extremely versatile and a definite pleaser every time.

Small Fill        $60

Volume Fill      $90

 Large fill        $110

Russian Volume Extensions

Russian Volume is the art of adding density and luxury to the lashline. Using up to 7 fine diameter extensions I hand create these into a beautiful fan and tailor them to each one of your natural lashes. Volume lashes offers density to the lash line resulting in a  fuller and more dramatic look. However, they can actually be created to look very natural.  Also unique in their practice, they can fill gaps on damaged and weak lashes to help fill up the lash line while nurturing the natural lashes back to health. This must be done with proper education and used with precision and care. This  can be done in a variety of styles including Striplash look, Textured look, Perfect topline and Bordeaux look.

  Small Fill         $60

   Volume Fill       $100

   Large fill          $130

Mini Mega Volume Extensions

Mini Mega extensions are perfect for those wanting a dramatic look with a  variety of style choices. With a variety of fans ranging anywhere from a 7D to 10D This is a very fun and beautiful look. You can choose between a Striplash look, Perfect topline, Bordeaux or Textured look.

Small Fill               $70

Mini Mega Fill    $120

Large Fill            $150

Mega Volume Extensions


Mega volume lashes are for those wanting thick, beautiful drama. Using 8-15 very fine extensions expertly created into 1 fluffy fan per 1 natural lash, I can create a look that pleases while still protecting the lash line. This can be done in a variety of styles ensuring you have the look you desire.

Small Fill          $80

Mega Fill       $140

Large Fill       $180

Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint



The Elleebana lash lift is one of the most incredible lift systems to date. This option offers a better lift than your eyelash curler could ever possibly give and lasts to 6 to 8 weeks! Throw away your curler and give the lift system a try! This is perfect for those wanting a natural yet enhanced beautiful lash line with your own perfect lashes! Lash tint is included in this service!

No matter which service you choose, we will create the look YOU want using only the best of high quality products! We offer rich, black and fluffy lashes that are true quality and will NEVER lose its curl. Holding power sure to please!

Classic Extensions

Classic lashes have been a favourite for many years by offering a natural yet beautiful look. This is achieved by applying one extension per natural lash giving a slightly longer, slightly thicker look to your lash line. This is similar to the look of mascara yet cleaner and more dramatic than what mascara can offer. It is perfect for those wanting to throw away the curler and mascara and wake up with that "done up" look!


Small Fill        $50

 Classic Fill       $80

  Large fill         $100

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