Client Consultation


When your client arrives there are a few things we must go through with them:

- Make sure the client has removed her contacts
- Tell the client how long she can expect the procedure to take
- Make the client aware of how sharp your tweezers are and if she needs to move, cough, sneeze, etc, to give you as much notice as possible so you can pull your hands away from her eyes first.
- Explain to the client about allergic reactions, the chemical reaction, and the true reaction.
- Client should be aware you provide free patch testing, and know they have the option to do so before a full set if they or you believe they may be at risk of an allergic reaction
- Get an idea of what the client would like the lashes to look like, natural, dramatic or something in the middle.
If you are applying classic lashes explain you will be applying lashes 1-1 this means you can only apply to what they have naturally, which will limit some looks based on the natural lashes. Create and print your own waiver and ensure each client sign and dates it yearly. 





 Lash Contraindications


Not every client is going to be a good candidate for eyelash extensions
- A reaction in the past to eyelash extensions, or sensitivity to cosmetic products, a Patch Test must be given prior to the treatment should be given to make sure clients can go ahead safely. 48 hours must pass before extensions are applied.
-You must not lash someone who has had laser eye surgery within a year without doctor consult, and letter of approval

- Lash / brow Tints, Permanent makeup, Hair dye, Microblading, botox. 48 hours or longer depending on which treatment they have had done.
- Your client does need to have 3mm of natural lashes to be a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions.
-If for any reason you are in doubt of lashing a client, do not proceed. You are the professional, sometimes we have to turn away clients.
-Inflamed or swollen eye area, infectious eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, styes, redness & puffiness to the eye area, cuts, bruises, abrasions or recent scars to the eye area.
-Hypersensitive skin, allergies
-Contagious skin conditions around the eye area
-Cold Sores
-Dry Eye Syndrome
-Blepharitis (mites, sticky sleep looking particles in the lashes) our lash shampoo will treat and prevent them.
-Do not lash anyone who currently has cancer or recent cancer or treatments. If anyone has had cancer I will not do their procedure without doctor consent as well as my insurance consent. This also applies to any other form of major illness the client may have.


New Client Checklist


- CLASSIC OR PREMADE VOLUME: Explain the process to your client depending on what kind of lashes they are getting, classic or volume.
- BE STILL :Explain how sharp your tweezers are so if the client needs to re-adjust, cough, sneeze etc to give you as much notice as possible, so we can move our hands away from our clients eyes.
- RISKS: Explain the risks involved
- FAKE REACTIONS: client must not have any chemical procedures done within the first 48 hours before lashes and the 48 hours after lash extensions, otherwise this could result in extremely swollen eyes, typically when we see that is due to a chemical reaction from but not limited to; hair dye, botox, facials, microblading, lash / brow tints, etc. Typically we can re-lash these clients but make them aware not to have these procedures done.. a big red flag is brides because they typically like to book everything the same week.
- TRUE REACTIONS: we can lash a clients 100 times and that 101 time they get a reaction, a true reaction is going to be gradual a little bit of itchiness, maybe a bit of swelling but nothing too major, typically it will subside and your client probably won't mention it till the next refill. We should not be lashing these clients they have a real allergy to the adhesive.
- SENSITIVITIES: Do they have any allergies to bandaids, skin care or cosmetic products? If yes to bandaids be careful in using the micro-pore tape. If yes to skin care or cosmetic products then they need to be patch tested.
- PATCH TESTING: Explain that you offer free patch testing and that they do have the option to do so before committing to a new set of lashes.
- PHOTOS OR VIDEO: Ask for permission to take photos of your work.

- CONTACTS: Make sure they don't have contacts in.
- REFILLS: are every 2-3 weeks let them know how long a refill takes, explain the lash shedding.
- TIME: Explain how long they can expect the procedure to take today.
- ASK: if they have any expectations of what they want the lashes to look like, get a feel for where they sit: Natural, Dramatic or something in the middle, explain whatever they leave with here today is not what they are stuck with we have different curls, lengths, and diameters to achieve any look.
- SHAMPOOING: Explain that they will now go into the washroom to wash there lashes, explain why we need to shampoo and that they will need to continue to shampoo once they have lashes, not just for hygienic reasons but shampooing will keep the lashes on longer.

Here is an example:

Client Agreement Form


Date: _____________________________

Telephone: _________________________


______ I understand that this procedure requires single synthetic eyelashes to be Adhered to my own natural eyelashes


______ I agree to immediately notify the lash stylist if I feel uncomfortable anytime during the procedure.

______ Have you had recent laser eye surgery or any eye issues?



______ Have you removed contact lenses?


______   It is my responsibility to keep my eyes closed and be still during the entire procedure,
until my eyelash technician addresses me to open my eyes. Contacts must be removed before the lash procedure.
______  I agree to inform my tech of any discomfort during procedure.

______  There is a slight chance you may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and your eyes may get itchy or puffy, you understand and take full responsibility for the risks associated with the eyelash procedure, you may need to seek medical attention.
You must not have had any chemical treatments within the last 48 hours or the next 48 hours, such as but not limited to, hair dye, microblading, botox, facials, brown tint or tattooing. Any skin sensitivities to makeup etc can also put you at a higher risk to have a reaction. Inform your lash tech of any concerns.
_____ Patch Tests are recommended for anyone who has a concern they may have or have had a reaction in the past. A patch test consists of 4-5 lashes applied to the inner, middle & outer corner of your eyelashes. Within a 48 hour period you will know if you can go ahead with the procedure or not.
_____ I am aware I can do a patch test before my scheduled appointment to test for any allergic reactions to the procedure. If I choose not to do a patch test I understand it is not the fault of the lash technician and release my lash technician of any claims, or damages of any nature.
_____ I agree to disclose any allergies that I may have to bandaids, cosmetic or skin care products
_____ I understand that I am required to follow the aftercare, to maintain the life of my extensions. Fills are required anywhere from 2-3 weeks
Aftercare Lash Products (Specially Formulated)
Lash Shampoo & Brush, Lash Sealant, Mascara, Makeup Remover, etc

Do you have any health conditions?




Are you on any medications?




Which type?




______ I give permission to have my photo or video taken. I am aware this can be used for promotions, social media and advertising 

Print ___________________ Sign ___________________ Date ____________