Client Waiver Forms And Insurance

It is your duty and law requirements to ensure you have the licence and insurance according to your business.  Reach out to any insurance agency for quotes and requirements you may require.  Also reach out to your city to find out the requirements for your home/travel based business.

It is also expected to have each client sign a waiver form.  Have a lawyer make up your own individual waiver if you do not have one.  It is to protect you as a business owner and to ensure the client is aware of the risks associated with any procedure.  Also if you desire to have pictures you also need to include a release to take and use their image on any social media outlet.

Client Agreement Form Name:______________________________ 

                                          Date: ______________________________

                                         Telephone: __________________________


____ I understand that this procedure requires single synthetic eyelashes to be Adhered to my own natural eyelashes 1NL-1S

_________. I agree to immediately notify the lash stylist if I feel uncomfortable anytime during the procedure.

______ Have you had recent laser eye surgery or any eye issues?



______ Have you removed contact lenses?


_____ It is my responsibility to keep my eyes closed and be still during the entire procedure,
until my eyelash technician addresses me to open my eyes. Contacts must be removed before the lash procedure.
_____I agree to inform my tech of any discomfort during procedure.

_____ There is a slight chance you may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and your eyes may get itchy or puffy, you understand and take full responsibility for the risks associated with the eyelash procedure, you may need to seek medical attention.
You must not have had any chemical treatments within the last 48 hours or the next 48 hours, such as but not limited to, hair dye, microblading, botox, facials, brown tint or tattooing. Any skin sensitivities to makeup etc can also put you at a higher risk to have a reaction. Inform your lash tech of any concerns.
_____ Patch Tests are recommended for anyone who has a concern they may have or have had a reaction in the past. A patch test consists of 4-5 lashes applied to the inner, middle & outer corner of your eyelashes. Within a 48 hour period you will know if you can go ahead with the procedure or not.
_____ I am aware I can do a patch test before my scheduled appointment to test for any allergic reactions to the procedure. If I choose not to do a patch test I understand it is not the fault of the lash technician and release my lash technician of any claims, or damages of any nature.
_____ I agree to disclose any allergies that I may have to bandaids, cosmetic or skin care products
_____ I understand that I am required to follow the aftercare, to maintain the life of my extensions. Fills are required anywhere from 2-3 weeks
Aftercare Lash Products (Specially Formulated)
Lash Shampoo & Brush, Lash Sealant, Mascara, Makeup Remover, etc

Do you have any health conditions?




Are you on any medications?




Which type?




____ I give permission to have my photo or video taken. I am aware this can be used for promotions, social media and advertising 


Print ___________________ Sign ___________________ Date ____________


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