Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


For professional use only.  Always keep out of the reach of children.

Do not allow contact to skin or eyes.  Bonds instantly! Do not ingest!  Do not inhale!  This is a dangerous fumes to your lungs.  You must wear a mask for your health.

If comes in contact with eyes occurs, flush eyes immediately for 15 minutes and contact physician immediately.

If contact with skin occurs use gel remover to remove and wash hands immediately after. Do not ingest.  Do not inhale the fumes are dangerous.  You must always wear a protective mask according to MSDS of your glue.  Use a ventilated area. Keep your glue in a closed container in a dark and cool area with a silica pack or rice.  Humidity will ruin your glue so airtight is best. Always turn your bottle and let the adhesive form and drop its own bead.  Never squeeze out as this allows the air to enter the bottle causing humidity to compromise your glue.

Do not allow water to touch the glue bead or container as this will polymerize the glue.

Formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing process but is distilled out of the finished product. Adhesives do not dry out the simply cure into an inert plastic when in contact with moisture.

It is always important to research your glue and to use optimal temperature and humidity based on the glues specific design. Incorrect use or environment will affect retention and the affect the working use of the adhesive.

Most glues prefer a temperature range of 19 to 23 degrees celsius.  Colder temperatures slow down the adhesive while warmer speeds up too quickly.

You should always have a humidifier and humidity gauge near your work station as a guide and backup.

Keep your adhesive out of sunlight and away from all heat sources.

Always clean your nozzle after each use to keep bacteria away and prevent clogging.

Always shake your glue for at least 1 minute prior to each drop as the black carbon will separate from the glue.  When dispensing your glue never squeeze the glue from the bottle as this allows air to enter slowly compromising the glue. Always let gravity pull and drop your bead of glue.

you do need to understand how the glue works in all environments. When humidity is low your glue will dry slightly slower.  If you have shaky hands while applying do use a humidifier for this glue aiming to get your humidity around 40% and you will have a faster drying glue to help alleviate the struggle on having the perfect fan but the glue has either ran up and closed your fan, or your hands have shook ruining the fan.

In the summer as the humidity is higher you MAY need to work faster to beat the curing process.  Or use a dehumidifier if you like the glue curing at a certain curing time.  If the glue is already starting to cure before your reach the natural lash it will affect your retention.

It will be important to always shake the adhesive really well as it separates quickly, it should be a rich black color, if it looks watery or grey on the top, you did not shake it well enough.

Make sure to tip it right upside down not on its side when you drop the adhesive otherwise the nozzle will start to build up with adhesive. The adhesive has a chemical reaction with cotton, so never clean up with a q-tip on your clients skin as it could set off a reaction. The reaction can consist of but not limited to chemical burns, smoke, or start a fire. If you get a spill on your client you can clean up with a prep brush those are safe to use, with a little bit of remover if needed. The adhesive or lash extensions should never ever touch the eyelids.

Please ensure you lash with an approved P95 organic vapor mask as we know some lash techs have developed allergic reactions by breathing in the adhesive while we work.

Adhesive can be very damaging to lungs. You wouldn’t huff glue in your spare time right?

Let's watch a video on proper glue use.

Remember to never swipe off your glue. If you are swiping glue onto the pads or pallet it is an indicator that you are using too much glue and it is causing bubbles to form.

Just dip your extension atleast halfway in, nice and slow no bubbles and directly onto the natural lash.

Now lets watch a video on how to properly drop your adhesive, burp your bottle and wipes nossle clean after each use. 

*Remember do not squeeze your bottle! Lets gravity pull out the adhesive!

In this video you will see why the "old" method to protect retention and curing glue was to avoid water for 24 hours. As you can see when immediately hit with water the glue becomes stringy and weak and will result in poor retention. To the right you will see super bonder, this is designed for a few uses. One of which is to "cure" aka harden the glue instantly so that the client has perfect and long term retention. The client can also get lashes wet immediately after cured with super bonder.

To apply super bonder you would NOT drop directly onto the clients lashes, instead you put a small drop of super bonder onto a micro swab brush and give a small shake away from clients face to remove any excess as we do not want to get into clients eyes.

Once the excess is flicked away than you take your swab and gently brush along all the bases along the clients lash line.

If you do not have super bonder, that is ok as its common practice to nano mist for 30 seconds each eye, about 30cm above face which will help cure lashes also.