Is an inflammation of the eyelids.  Blepharitis tends to occur more often in those with oily skin. There are 2 types of blepharitis anterior and posterior anterior which affects the outside of the eyelid where eyelashes attach and seen by eyelash techs.  If you believe blepharitis is starting to push the client to wash daily and see a doctor.

If you believe your client has blepharitis you must not fill their lashes as it becomes a liability also it is not your job to diagnose or treat any eye infections. In this case I would recommend doing a removal and having the client go home washing really well to clean away all the bacteria and buildup and see their doctor.















Eyelash Problems




If you believe your client has eyelash lice you must not touch their lashes they will need to contact a doctor for treatment and you will also need to move forward to disinfect and sanitize your room and all tools bedding treatment area etc



 is an inflammation of the conjunctiva.  Your client must see a doctor and you must not provide a service



 are unsightly but is usually harmless.  It is a small  sometimes red bump that forms near the eyelid.  It is basically a clogged eyelid oil gland.  You should not apply extensions on a client with a stye.


In this picture you will see severe botch job, damage, eyelashes stuck to the eyelid/lash line as well as blepharitis. Here the gobs of glue and no gap between the lashes and lid are the perfect environment to harbour bacteria causing an infection. As you can see she is also secreting puss as a result of this botch job. This is why techs have such a large responsibility to protect our clients eyes. Also as a result of this terrible work she has also developed and allergy to the glue as a result and is no longer a candidate for eyelash extensions.