Eye Pads

Have your client open their eyes but look directly ahead for correct placement of pads. Looking up towards you will only result in pad sitting too close to the eye. Or you can have clients look back at you while applying only upon their naturals, have the client close eyes than press against skin.

You can also apply the pad to each lower lash line while clients eyes are closed. You simply gently pull back the eyelid in sections while placing the pad to again avoid placing too close.


Paper tape is very helpful for taping down popping baby lashes or stubborn lashes

Make sure you have all bottom lashes secure to avoid lashing pop ups.


Fluttering eyes can be hazardous to the clients eyes. The fumes will irritate the eyes causing discomfort redness and tenderness.  Sometimes you can apply 2 eye pads to create less of a gap.  Another method is to use tape on the upper outer part of the eyelid to tape from lid towards the temple to create slight pull.















Tape backs are helpful for an easy reach to the bottom layer but it also helps prevent those bottom layer lashes from sticking to the pads once an extension is applied.

Tape is also helpful for accessing the inner corners.  After de-tacking the tape apply the tape gently to the inner corner of the top eyelid not touching any lashes or extensions and gently pull and place towards the outer eyelid.  You can also do the same in reverse for lifting the outer eyelid to apply easier to outer lashes.  I will demonstrate both in person.

Tap can also be used for stubborn pop ups that keep escaping from under the pads.  Avoid paper taper as the cotton reacts dangerously with all cyanoacrylate.