Applying your bases properly

It is absolutely essential to ensure you get your bases on properly in order to have great retention. Along with great bases you want to ensure to have a proper wrap around the natural lash also helping ensure long retention.






Fill Instructions

Fills are required around 3 to 4 weeks as the client will have outgrown extensions, new growth and extensions lost

Always remove unruly extensions

Always remove outgrown extensions DO NOT BE THE TECH THAT LEAVES BEHIND THE OUTGROWN

Outgrowns are unfair to a paying client as they increase the risk of damage to natural lash as they become top heavy.  They also become itchy and annoying as they flutter around.

Most clients will have one side fuller than the rest.  It is best to start with the thinner side to match the other side and so on.

Fill away

It is easy to increase or decrease in lengths at fills all you need to do is go up or down a size or two feathering in the desired length.  Making sure both eyes match.

It is more noticeable to see increase in length at time of fill than decrease as decrease will take a couple of appointments to take full notice.


Lash extensions need to be brushed daily they are not as delicate as people think

Side sleepers will notice outer areas with no lash extensions

If you see the base of the extensions are lifting either the bases were not attached properly, there was not enough glue used or the client is using an oil based product ruining the glue bonds.

Heavy shedding after applications can be a result of a medication the client is taking, using retinol products before 48 hours post application

High natural oils

Oil products

Picking pulling,rolling or rubbing the extensions

Not enough glue

Old glue

As you can see in the picture below this is an extreme outgrown, these must be properly removed (banana peel) and replaced with a new fan.