Finishing Up

Always check for stickies and baby lashes caught into the glue of other extensions.  Pull apart and extensions joined and release any babies caught.  If there are any loose bases removed by banana peeling off the extension from the natural lash and replace with a new fan.

Check to make sure no extensions fell and glued to the eyelash pad and if so gently pull them off the pad.

Using a lash nebuliser 15 to 20 cm away from lashes cure the lashes for around 30 seconds and blow away any fumes.

Remove pads

If desired do and after wash to remove any residues and reduce allergic reaction risk. 

Have client open to make sure there are no lower lashes caught into the top or that any bottom lashes popped up and got lashed.  Check over your work and have client take a look for satisfaction.

Here are some videos showing how to check for stickies and trying to correct a sticky.







Proper aftercare is the key to a lasting set of extensions.  If the client is not using oil free products they will ruin their extensions.

Explain to them the importance of aftercare and also explain to you will not be responsible if their fill turns into a set regarding improper care.


Simple things to remind client are;

Keep anything not lash approved away from the eyes not below brow or above cheek bone

Brush daily

Blot away excess water never rub

Back away from ovens bbq and other heat sources as volume lashes are extra fine and not only will lose their curl but will also singe

Make sure the client knows to shampoo 3 times weekly they must shampoo to avoid blepharitis

Too much washing will cause premature shedding

Stay away from:


All oils





Excess makeup especially creams and liquids

Non lash approved mascara as it will close and clump your fans

Make up removers even if they say oil free it's a lie

Makeup wipes

Cotton swabs as the fibres will catch and remove the extensions