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I believe in channeling my creative gifts in order to produce unique and quality beauty in the Grande Prairie area. The inspiration for my work is my desire to help women feel comfortable in their natural beauty with simple enhancements of the eyes. My Lash Obsession is defined by a combination of education, experience and passion.  This allows my perspective as an artist to focus on high priorities, high quality, honest work and beautiful outcomes. Rest assured you will have up to date products, experience and education for all that My Lash Obsession has to offer. Being a Lash Artist is how I can contribute to making each woman feel more confident, have easier mornings, as well as brighten and open the windows to your souls. Lashing is grounding, and while the service is entirely for YOU, it has opened a door of healing for me. It gives me the freedom to explore my mind, push my limits and give my life a new, positive and recharged meaning.  Lashing has been the one profession that I am truly passionate about and excel at with the exception of raising my children.

Raised in the peace region, I look forward to the summer months and exploring with my family!

Proud to announce I have put into motion along with Lashes by Kele  Grande Prairies first Lash Social!!

Where empowering women coming together in a warm, welcoming and exciting environment to strengthen the industry and build lasting frendships.

Offering high quality eyelash extensions done with the upmost care, cleanliness and precision. After almost 2 years of testing, the perfect products were found and you can be sure to enjoy them, as much as we do!

Shantyl is highly educated. She boasts multiple certifications, as well as a keen focus on exemplary health and safety standards.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying,sacrifice and most of all,love of what you are doing or learning to do.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

Please note that when arriving for your appointment it is advised you come with clean lashes that have been cleaned with an approved lash cleanser. If you do not have Lash Shampoo you can purchase one at your appointment. It is proven and guaranteed that your lash line will be healthier and last longer when using approved extension safe products. This ensures there is no makeup residue, oils etc. Protect your investment!

This will also provide you with more lash time!

Please remove your contact lenses prior to appointment or bring a case to do so. This is for your safety and comfort. Please do not have your cellphone on the lash table during appointment. As you will be unable to open your eyes during the procedure, this is for your safety and comfort. In the event of an emergency, I will help you answer your phone on speaker. Please avoid caffeine beverages prior to your appointment as this causes the tiny muscles in your eyelids to flutter making it more difficult to isolate and properly apply your extensions. Also, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment. This is to enable me to give notice of this appointment time for those on waiting lists. Repeated last minute cancellations or no shows will no longer be given appointments  without paying their no show fee as well as desired appointment service in advance.


I will have you on first priority for rebooking as a thank you for your consideration.

Thank you so much!



Are you wanting to become an Eyelash Extension Artist?



I am now offering various different classes for students of every level. At the beginner’s level, I offer a variety of tricks and tools designed to get you started with basic techniques and skills helping you to become a successful lash artist. I also offer intermediate and advanced training for artists wishing to break away from the basics and into more advanced work such as layering, crystalizing and why or when you would use this method, determining best styles for different eye types, many styles such as texture, perfect topline, mega and so much more. I teach you to troubleshoot the potential hiccups and give you the comfort needed to navigate through the tricky times. You will learn proper use of adhesive, needle tip bases, the excellence of handmade vs premade fans, different weights, lengths and curls, face mapping, eye correction, tape tricks, sanitation, health guidelines, business requirments, insurance requirments, understanding heat and humidity, pricing, aftercare, protecting yourself and so much more! I have done extensive research and practice into the art of eyelash extensions. I am 8x certified as well as  NALA certified. I travel frequently to Edmonton offering beginner to advanced education. If desired I will travel to your location upon request. I regularly train in my Health Canada approved, licenced and insured studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

Classic education $1250

Volume education $1250

Advanced including Mega volume $1500

*Also offering private education and mentoring sessions*


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Elena your course was priceless. Ladies