Isolation is critical!  It is the most important part of any type of eyelash extension set.  Improper isolation results in more than 1 natural lash per extension.  Lashes that are not properly isolated will have multiple fans stuck together also known as stickies.  While this can't always be avoided and is common the degree of sticky is the issue.  Not only will you need to seperate the stuck fans you will likely also need to reapply.  You will also find you will not have good retention on clients as a result of poor isolation.  The fan needs to wrap around the natural lash.  While this does take a lot of practise the most important part is to ensure a bond.  If we do not isolate properly you will also have baby lashes stuck into the glue which will either pull out new growth as the main lash continues to grow or you will find bent lashes, or baby lashes that have created a loop look into the glue of the older lash.  Proper isolation will shorten your fills and keep your set looking precise in between fills.


Using a fine tipped tweezer for isolation is essential.  To isolate a natural lash scan through the natural lashes until you find a desired lash and continue to scan the surrounding area of the lash in between tweezer to ensure there are no baby lashes.  There should only be 1 natural lash between your tweezer tips for any type of eyelash extensions.  Your volume fans will have multiple extensions but again only applied to 1 natural lash.

Here are some Isolation Videos!