Lash Extensions

There is a wide range of lengths, diameters and curls to suit every individual need and desire.

Lengths can range from 5 to 20 mm depending on the diameter of extension.  Again you must use the size and length according to lash health.

When testing the weights of extensions they base the weight on a 12mm length extension. Keep this in mind when a client asks for longer.  You will always need to drop diameters to compensate for the length increase.  When choosing lengths make sure to remember you should never extend more than 80% of the length of the natural lash.

Volume lashing will never go beyond a 0.10 diameter but can go as low as 0.03


B Curl Is a very simple curl.  Most like the natural eye and is only suitable for a round bulging eye.

J Curl is slightly curlier than a B curl and suits the round bulging eye also but much the same does not get used.

C Curl is the most universal curl.  A safe bet for all eye shapes and best for learning to volume lash.  It is a flattering and tasteful curl.

D Curl is one of the most curly lashes.  It is a very bold and dramatic curl.  Great for added drama but also used to LIFT the eyes!  D curl is used for blending sets also.  For the droopy eyes you would certainly add some d curl to lift up

L Curl is a great curl for straight lashes.  It will also lift lashes and makes an excellent bond. It is trickier to fan an l curl and will take practice to be able to use smoothly

L+ Curl is also for downward/straight natural lashes.  Monolid/hooded heavy eyelids will have a lift using this curl and will attach much easier than a c or d curl.

U curl / DDD curl which is the curliest of lashes.  This is an extremely beautiful lift and bold extension for those wanting the most drama.







It is always wise to mix curls.  Get to know the eye shape.  Look for symmetry and these curls can help balance.  It will take practice but is essential to a perfect set.

Faux mink lash extensions are ⅔ tapered. Usually a semi matte finish most natural looking and also slightly lighter in weight than a silk lash

Silk lash extensions ⅓ of the lash is tapered and provides a semi gloss dark finish.

There are many methods to lashing and you will find the one that best suits your needs.

An example of a textured set:

Always use the tighter curl for texture!  Texture makes for a beautiful set.  It makes the set look fuller and blended.  You don't need to use different curls to do texture but it is always important to have the texture in the under layer.

A tape back method is the best way to access the under layer (the part we see when looking into the mirror).   By doing this at the beginning of a set not only do you get the little hairs out of the way saving time later on but you also get your texture out of the way as well as getting the most visual part of the set out of the way incase of being on a time crunch.

Say you wanted to use C for inner and outer eye but a D curl for the body you will need to skip a size in curl due to the tighter curl of the D.  

For example: 9c,10c,11c,13d,12d,10c

A 9c will look longer than a 9d due to the tight curl of d so you always need to skip a size if transitioning from C curl to a D curl to compensate.

Here you will see lash curls that compliment each other! Often I use C on the inners and CC or D on the middle to outer.




Lash Applications

Make sure to assess the client lashes prior to choosing your lash sizes.  Where most clients will be ok with a 0.07 many woman can only handle a 0.05 extension. The set will still look perfect going down in size. It's always better to be cautious than to have a client blame your for any damage.

Our lashes are always at different stages of growth.  That is why texturising is so important.

You will always use finer shorter lashes on young growth and use your main length for the drama. For example

In a 6d set you would put 4-6d on the long strong lashes while the younger lashes will only get 2-3d.

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