Lash Fills

Never promise to fill clients that are not yours. You have no clue what to expect coming from another tech. Pictures offer no guarantee of quality face on. You can tell them straight up you don’t fill other lash techs work. Or you can tell them you can guarantee a fill on another work however if it’s clean you can and will fill otherwise they can remove and replace with a new set. I do free removals with new sets as a way to offer a discount and thank you. I never do free removals on another tech if there is no set. Removals are $30 per hour. I always do free removals on my clients!! Never charge your client a removal fee as they have continuously come to you investing into your work and business.  Gift them with a removal which will only takes minutes with clean and proper work anyways. You can also ask them if they would like to come in for a consultation so you can take a look at the lashes to see if you could possibly fill them. 

-  Brush, cleanse and rinse the lashes, or make sure the client comes with clean lashes, if not remind the client if you have to clean makeup off it cuts into there fill time, means less lashes for them. If the build up looks gunky like its been there a while it probably has remind

the client to keep the lashes clean by cleansing daily.
- Go through and check for stickies, even though we do our best to isolate and check the lashes, clients can come in with lashes stuck together from product or oil build up so gently separate all the lashes again. Also check for grown out lashes, if the lashes are about 3mm plus away from  the lash line they need to be removed, you can peel them off or slide the tweezers down the synthetic lash for removal.  I never remove lashes with the lash remover as it will spread and removal all your other beautiful work.
- Once they are prepped, you can start by refilling the lashes, always start with the eye with the most lash loss. Work in to fill the bare spots first, then lash in different areas for even distribution.
- Finish up the client as normal check for stickies, brush, dry, cure, dry, remove pads!!

-  Ask the client to slowly open eyes In Case there may be some leftover fume. 

-  Look at your work, make any corrections needed before you ask your client to sit up. Do not let them leave if something looks displeasing.



Finish the service

- Use your fan, fan the lashes for 5 mins after applying all the lashes. 

- Clients should still be advised 24-48hrs to cure the lashes, or use a nano mister to cure instantly.

The Nano Mister, flash curing - this handheld device sprays a fine mist that the adhesive reacts in a positive way to the moisture. This will cure the lashes instantly. Fill with distilled water. Mist 10 inches from the face for 30 seconds, it will shut off when its finished spraying. Then take your fan and fan over till you feel all the moisture has been evaporated, usually 30 seconds.