Lash Products

Extension safe products should always and only be used.  Do not make, sell or recommend your own products for your clients as this is a liability.  Always promote and use a lash approved FDA approved product.

Lash shampoo should be used prior to a fill or set on clients eyes to clear away any bacteria, makeup or oil residue.

Cleaning prior also greatly improves retention and reduces allergic reactions.  Once fully dried than cured a lash bath after application should be done to remove any residues from lash pads, glue fumes etc to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

For years many people thought when getting an allergic reaction after a set or fill was the blame of the glue. Often, the reactions are not from the glue but can be  from the black carbon in glue, gel pads, tape, cleanser or other products used near eyes while prepping.

There are a wide range of lash products from mascara, eyeliner to shampoo, sealants, accelerators, primer and serums. They are all specifically designed to be safe near the eyes and protect the extensions. It is only recommended to use these products.


Primer can be used to help remove and reduce oils, proteins and makeup prior to applications.  It serves to create and optimal ph level on natural lashes prior to bonding. 

Lash primer should never be overused as it will dry out the natural lash.


Accelerators can be used very lightly upon the extensions while only on pallet NEVER DIRECTLY on eyes.  Using too much will cause the extensions to fall off in chunks on the lash strip but will also affect retention once applied to the natural lash.  The purpose of an accelerator is to help speed up the glue process when humidity is not in our favor.

Super Bonder is so helpful in eyelash application.

1-You can apply to the false lashes on the strip prior to application by using a microswab brush. You only need a very little amount starting from the far side of the strip towards the end you work from. 

2-This is also designed to help speed up your glue in low humidity if you find your glue is working too slow

3- Prevents wicking when prior applied to false lash strip.

4-Extends the bond life! Who doesn't want longer retention? 

5- When your set is complete you can apply with microswab brush a very little amount directly onto the extensions themselves after application!



Store in dry, cool area , do not store upside down

Gel remover is a mandatory product to have on your workstation.  It will be used to remove glue of skin, or tools.  Will also be used if you need to remove glue that has come into contact with clients skin or to remove extensions that have to much glue, grown out or for general removal.  Remover should never come into contact within the eye and eyes should be flushed immediately and for 15 minutes.   A physician also needs to be contacted immediately.  Do not ingest and keep away from children.  Gel remover causes NO damage to the natural lash.

*Acetone is great for helping to remove glue from tweezers while doing a set.

*UV and glass bead sterilizers are ok for storage after properly being disinfected.


Primer should never get into eyes

Primer provides optimal ph balance for the bonding of lash adhesive. Be careful to apply primer lightly to a lint free applicator and gently downwards stroke the lashes.