Lift Procedure

The eye area and lashes should be free of makeup and oil. The technician then applies a silicone mold or shield onto the eyelid using a non-toxic glue.

That’s the only thing that touches the skin.

With the silicone mold on the eyelid, the technician then curls the lashes using the glue over the mold, which is curved upward and outward to create a curl. Once the lashes are adhered to the shield and separated, that will reveal the final outcome. MAKE SURE TO NEVER CATCH THE LOWER LID LASHES ONTO THE SHIELD OR YOU WILL PERM THEM UPWARDS AND THIS WOULD NOT BE IDEAL.

Glide your lash tool along the base of the hair upwards, Once each and every lash is applied onto the mold, we separate them individually to make them flow proper direction and shape. This picture is a great visual for how clean the lashes should look as the first step of using the non toxic water soluble glue to adhere the natural lashes to the shield.

Once the lashes are properly applied than you would apply the step 1 perm solution. The perm solution is a chemical solution that sits on the root of the eyelashes, between the root and middle of the lash, and it would sit depending on the client as much as  14 minutes and as little as 5 minutes.

Depending on the lash lift system you are using it could take as little as five minutes, and as much as 14 minutes, though the processing time depends on the thickness of the hair. 

YOU MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW processing times for each kit you use as every company is different!

The first step (perm solution) softens the hair so it’s malleable or vulnerable .... Then we wipe that off and put on the setting solution, and that re-hardens the hair so the shape is set in place. (That setting solution, also known as a neutralizer, prevents over-processing, which could lead to lashes looking too curly or frizzy.

To get the desired curl, there are different mold shapes and sizes,  I cannot stress about applying the solution only to the base and middle of the lashes to avoid any damage or breakage to the lash tips. 

Once the solution is removed, an oil or conditioning solution is often applied to the lashes. 

When the treatment is done, the client should avoid getting the newly permed lashes wet for the first 24 hours. No rubbing or  touching and again do not use eyelash curler for atleast 4 weeks after.

You just don’t want to use anything that would get your lashes wet, whether steam, hot shower, mascara, etc. The longer you let it set, the longer it’s going to last.


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