Applying Eyelash Pads

Let your new clients know that they are receiving a complimentary under eye treatment. The eye pads have collagen, and vitamins, they help with under eye circles, wrinkles, firming and brightening (not that your client needs it)
Eye pads are contoured so you can fit any eye shape with them. The narrow part of the pad lays on the side of the nose bone and the thicker part on the cheek.
Ask the client to look up at the ceiling and then very slightly back towards you, with the chin down. Line the pad up with the bottom lash line. Ask them to close and re-adjust the pad as needed. Apply the second pad in the same manner, the client can open both eyes as you do this.
Let the client know their eyes will be closed for the rest of the application, you may need to remind them not to talk, as this can re-adjust the pads or drink coffee before the application if they can't keep their eyes from moving around or they may end up with a chemical burn, never break the water line, always make sure the seal of the eye is closed.

















Micropore Taping

When the natural lashes point downward they can lay on the pad so much so that its hard to lash, you can fix this by using 1 piece of micro-pore tape.
Taping isn’t always needed but can help. Some clients will need there eyelid taped up as they tend to have droopy eyelids, or downward pointing lashes this will help you lash your clients easier.
You can always use the tape to help assist in easier application to inner eye lashes. To do so put a piece of tape towards inner part of the eye on the upper eyelid above the lash line, taping down only the inner part than stretch the eye outward towards the outter corner to stretch the inner eye closer to you for easier view and application. 

When using the micro-pore tape remember to always de-tack it. We never suggest for you to use the micro-pore tape to tape down the bottom lashes, always use the eye pads. The reason being is it is not comfortable for the client and is not professional, also you need to be careful because you could cut the white of the eyes and cause an open sore or infection in the eyes. A long time ago in the industry we use to use the micro-pore tape on the bottom lashes if a client had a reaction to the eye pads, because back then the eye pads were not great quality. Another tick is that you can de tack the tape extremely well and than fold back the top of lashes/extensions to expose the baby lashes so you may extend them easier. When removing the tape it is extremely important to never rip take off sideways as it will remove the extensions you had placed prior. You must roll the tap gently backwards rolling towards the eybrow and out to the side otherwise you will accidentally remove the extensions already placed stuck to the tape.

Here is a trick to better reach the inners. Please ensure the clients eyes remain closed, and that the pad has not slipped up into their eyes.

Here you will see another tape trick. Sometimes using tape to lift the lashes up a little can be quite helpful for those who's lashes rest against the lash pad, or for those with hooded eyes. This allows you to better see the root of the natural lashes better. However, you need to be extremely careful when doing a tape pull as this can open the eye and can cause the fumes to get into the clients eyes causing a chemical burn. Using your mirror run the mirror along the cheek bone so you can see if the clients eyes are closed. If they are not you must release the tape a little bit until the clients eyes close.