Let’s keep those lashes clean!

Keep your lashes clean ladies!

If you wear makeup (avoiding mascara of course) , have oily skin, or use other store based products for skin care regime, especially those that are high in oil you will need to shampoo daily. Using a lash extension formulated shampoo. Normal skin and those who do not wear makeup only need to shampoo your lashes 3 times a week while brushing daily.

Think of it this way: If you do not shampoo your hair for 2 to 3 weeks yet use hair products, along with your daily naturally oily scalp you will have an excess buildup of oil and products.

1 shampoo will not cut it. You would need multiple shampoos to get your hair clean.

It is the same with your lashes. Harbouring makeup, oils, protein and mites will only cause eye issues and poor retention. Blepharitis is actually a thing ladies! And I can also guarantee you will have horrible extension retention if your lashes are not squeaky clean PRIOR TO ALL FILLS OR SETS!

Furthermore if your lashes are saturated in weeks worth of oil and makeup build up, even if they look clean after they have shampooed they can still have film surrounding & embedded into your hair as it is porous. We can perfectly apply extensions to your natural lashes but if they are not clean they will essentially pop right off. Keep your lash line clean which drastically improves retention!

Most importantly our first priority is always eye health and safety and that always begins with a clean eye area. If your clients refuse to keep their eye area clean than essentially you are welcoming retention complaints and a risk of eye issues, which let’s be real do you really want to be at blame for someone developing an issue?

those who believe baby shampoo is enough I hate to inform you this is not the case. First of all it is not formulated for the eye area! That is opening the door for potential legal issues.

Baby shampoo is not concentrated enough to get heavy eye makeup off with ease, and lastly you cannot guarantee retention improvement!

Lash shampoo is the way to go and as a bonus, you get to up sell your lash shampoo products earning you a couple extra $

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