WATCH your retention due to wearing masks for covid 19!

So as I’m working last night I noticed that I was having an issue with pop offs. As I’m placing some fans a couple pop off here and there and I’m thinking what the heck is going on? I’m using my attraction glue, my favourite. I know it’s a nice one to two seconds speed, it’s consistent always! I regularly use it, never had an issue before so what could be the problem? Hmmmmm, the MASKS!!

I know what the problem is, the problem is the mask my client is wearing!

I am used to wearing a mask so I wouldn’t have a second thought about this, but I’m not used to with my clients wearing masks so when they’re wearing the hospital grade masks it doesn’t completely seal over their face. By not completely sealing over their face it is leaving a fair gap right below the bridge of the nose and across their cheeks. So everytime they breath out what it is doing is blasting heat and humidity towards their eyes and as I go to place my extensions it is dry before it has a good optimal bond! So here’s a couple ways you can try and navigate through this: Of course everything is going to be have to be tested to see which options can work best.

Option 1: You can dip your extensions a little bit deeper than normal, grabbing a little extra glue than normal to try counteract the rapid dry. This is NO guarantee this is going work because if you’re still not fast enough you won’t get your bond before it dries. However by dipping deeper you’re essentially getting more glue which has more playtime this DOES NOT mean bubbles of glue! This is no build up or in excess of glue it just simply means a deeper dip.

Option 2: This is personally my best opinion of what to do to navigate around these masks would be: You take some clear tape and you seal off from their nose across their cheek along the masks so that there’s no gap at the top of their face near the eyes. However, I still believe we are going to need a deeper dip regardless even though it is fully sealed off that mask is still going to be harboring an excess amount of heat and humidity simply from them breathing out. Hour our after hour, so you’re going to need a deeper dip regardless or use a SLOWER glue!

IF you do not seal off that mask I can almost guarantee that you’re going to have poor retention if you do not have a deeper dip, or using a slower glue.

You are also going to need to pay attention to having your fan ready but not dipping yet, isolating first, than picking up fan to dip than place last.

If these tips don’t work you may need consider getting them an actual mask that fully seals over their face such as a P95 mask with the vent to release the excess heat and humidity away from their face.


Please remember this is ALREADY a wicked fast glue, TRUST ME when I say if you do not get rid of the excess heat and humidity from your clients mask shooting towards their eyes you WILL have pop offs and poor retention. So PLEASE PLEASE seal off that mask, or get a vented mask.

Last night my Attraction was working faster than normal and faster than my Obsession due to the huge increase in heat and humidity near the eye zone.

I know the Obsession is widely loved and extremely popular with seasoned techs so if you notice pop offs etc just get focus on troubleshooting the heat and humidity caused by the masks.

Take care everyone, Shantyl

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