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Repost from one of my old posts.

Ladies! I want to talk about a sensitive subject. There seems to be a taboo over social media that we are unable to talk about inappropriate lashing. First of all eyelash extensions are no joke. It's not as easy as people think it is. I HAVE STRUGGLED, ALL OF US HAVE STRUGGLED. It's not about bashing or hurting others feelings. This is a community where we should teach each other, help each other, lift each other up! However are we not supposed to say something? Simply cover up the works of bad lashing? I'm sorry I don't think so! None of us are perfect lash artists. However we must DESIRE, strive and work hard to be the best we can be. The most important part of eyelash extensions is optimal health. THESE ARE OUR PRECIOUS EYES. THEY ARE NOT TO BE TREATED POORLY. Globs of glue, improper isolation is very unhealthy and causes damage. Why should anyone have to pay for this work. It's treating people poorly and basically stealing from them. Yes we want black lashes, fuller lashes, long lashes, easy mornings I get it. But at what cost? It does not matter what type of eyelash extensions you get whether classic, Russian volume, or mega. The glue should be extremely minimal. The volume fans should always be seamless. There should never be clumps of glue or heaviness. And there should never be a bunch of volume fans or classic extensions clumped together, never multiple natural lashes stuck together in multiple extensions. Our clients have full trust into us that we are doing a great job. The client has one view when looking in mirror , Pictures can be taken at proper angles to make work look fantastic. However when a tech gets In there it's a whole new view. The sad part is people are receiving damaged lashes for a length of time until they find out the hard way that infact it was not very nice at all. PLEASE! IF your work looks like this PLEASE consider asking for help. Remember why this is a passion! This breaks my heart when I see woman coming in like this. And ladies. If your eyes hurt, are heavy or look or feel clumpy you may want to inquire to another tech for a consult!

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