The industry battle: Properly Pricing Myself

Why are my prices the way they are? First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read. It seems there is a lot of curiosity as to why lash techs price themselves the way they do. There are many lash clients who follow the same guidelines and requirements as I will explain below. there are also many who do not. In this case I would question those techs who do not follow the required requirements as to why they are charging higher prices. First of all I want to clarify in no way am I trying to offend anyone I am simply stating how I value my worth. I took my first eyelash extension course in 2016. The cost of this course was $1500 (estimate) My husband had to take 2 days off work to be with our children which essentially we took a loss at roughly $1600 I than I had to buy an excess of starting materials such as massage bed roughly $300 A lamp roughly $200 a variety of products which some worked and some were over praised junk. After an estimate of $3000 gone to extras I than needed liability insurance which is $750 per year up front. A business licence of $100 a home business permit of $400. This is again a rough estimate. A few months later I took another course. This course cost me $2600. Again my husband had to take 2 days off at a rough loss of $1600. My hotel was roughly $220. Food, gas etc on top of that. I than needed to order more initial products roughly another $600. I took an educators course I believe cost me another $600 again another loss of $800 due to another day off. plus a round tip flight at roughly $500 hotel at $200 rental car $100. Another while later I took another course at roughly $600. Shortly after I took a financial gamble to begin to teach in the cost of $5000 plus travel and hotel at $420 yet again my husband took 2 days off at a loss of $1600 including the investment of more startup supplies roughly at $1100. I soon took yet another course at $2500 with another loss of wages at $1600 a hotel at $220 a car $200 . This is all the large investments. Not including smaller purchases such as other supplies decorations etc So a rough estimated total of investing into my education. My business is about $21,090 on its own With loss of wages it becomes $28,290

These totals do not include incorporating a business, paying an accountant, business banking fees or other business related fees.

I do not get a tax refund at the end of the year, I do not receive benefits and I do not recieve stat paid holidays or overtime. I also do not get sick days. I am responsible for paying my own taxes and gst. My home insurance does not cover my business insurance.

One thing we have not calculated is my time. I have spent countless and I mean countless hours practicing unpaid while doing so. My time lost with my family trying to build skill in a timely manner as to keep your time as valuable as I possibly can. I am near your eyes with incredibly sharp tweezers, insanely fast drying glue near your eyes. I strain my back hands and eyes trying to focus on tiny little hairs that flutter all around as you blink, laugh, sneeze cough, wiggle etc. I am in a great gratitude to my clients. They have become some of my closest friends and I value their eyesight immensely. My first priority Is ALWAYS your safety and next comfort. I than focus on ultimate retention and positive experience. This is not as easy a job as many think. It sounds easy yes. It even looks easy but I promise you you must hustle to get any form of ease into lashing. It requires practicing absolutely every single day. Client or no client. Keeping up to date on safety and techniques.

Please Consider if You desire to have extensions that the cost of eyelashes every day is less than a specialty coffee, Is less than 1 alchohol beverage. Less than one fast food meal. Less than a pack of cigarettes, the list goes on. People do not question the above products? Why are we questioning something so precious as safety and knowledge near our precious eyes? It is a luxury service. One that one may or may not be able to add into their budget. And that is absolutely ok, completely your choice!

If you desire to get eyelash extensions and are struggling with tour tech of choice prices ask your tech: Are you certified?

How many courses have you done? Where did you get your training?

Do you use professional products? How long have you been lashing?

Are you fully licensed?

Insured? Do you have Health Inspection?

Business home development permit? These things are mandatory to run a home based business and add integrity and value to the price of your extensions.

Clients, you deserve the most professional, legal, healthy and safe environment!

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