Welcome to our silk collection! 

* Please note*

We are actively working on getting the background trays the correct colour of sea foam, this has been proven a hard to colour to get correct. You will notice in the near future the background will be changing colour to better suit the definition of this specific lash collection and to eliminate the ideal colour struggle to ensure great visual appeal. In the meantime please disregard, yet enjoy our much too green trays.

We are proud to announce the launch of our silk collection. For those who are familiar with our Mink/Silk line we are excited to have another extension option to those who love a variety of different options.

- Same great consistency

- Lashes that never lsoe their curl

- Rich & Shiny black sheen offering the most beautiful look

- Easy to fan lashes

- Consistency

- Great working strip with optimal tackiness

Rows are as follows: 7(3)8(3)9(3)10(3)11(3)12(1)

L- Curl



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