To remove an extension grab the desired extension with your tweezer take another tweezer and grab the natural lash pulling the extension away from the natural lash like peeling a banana.


You may also isolate and use remover on the individual fan however keep in mind it is very oily and if spreads to another lash will cause that one to remove also

You must also wash that lash and primer afterwards

To remove a set you will need to put on lower lash pads and using a lint free applicator apply the gel or cream remover all over lash extensions and let sit for about 1 minute.

Begin to wipe away extensions as they come loose until all are removed.  You may need additional remover for stubborn bonds.

Do not get remover into the eyes.  If contact occurs you must flush the eye.

Once all removed use lash shampoo to wash away any gel and residue. If you notice white on the lashes after removal that is left over glue that lost the carbon black repeat the process until the lashes are spotless


Explain prior to removals that the client will have an initial shock as they go from extension to natural.  No matter the type of extensions set the client will notice longer and fuller.  I like to do before pictures of the natural lashes as often once removed the client panics and think their natural lashes have been damaged due to extensions. Taking a before and after of natural you can compare the 2 to show the client that in fact there is no damage.  Infact with proper care on both ends extensions creates a healthy environment for new healthy thicker growth!

As long as you have done your applications and glue level properly there will be no damage caused on your behalf. If the client is a picker puller rubber or roller they can certainly cause damage and you should monitor your fills to ensure they are not doing so.  The last thing you want is your reputation ruined from a client's habits.  They will complain before they compliment protect yourself.