Sanitization & Health Regulations


Hand Hygiene


Wash your hands before the appointment, have a 70% hand sanitizer at your station to clean your hands once the client lays down, touching your face, station, storage etc doing this assures the client your hands are clean before and during the application. You can also use latex free disposable gloves on top of proper hand hygiene.

Tool Sanitization

After every client your tweezers must be cleaned of glue. You can use your remover or acetone (of course never near eyes) to remove any glue build up, then wash your tweezers with antibacterial medical grade soap to remove any residues and surface bacteria. Next the tools must be sanitized for a minimum of 10 mins between clients using your Preempt RTU solution or you can do a full sterilization using CS20. However regardless of what you use in between clients, You must use CS20 daily to clean your tweezers for a minimum of 20 minutes. Do not leave your tweezers in solution overnight however as it will ruin your tools over time. You must also use preempt wipes for your station in between clients and at the end of every shift.  I suggest a plastic sanitization tool tray. Its required by Health Canada that you are up to date with sanitation and sterilization procedures. 



Individual use towels can be used however they must be washed in hot water and separate from all other laundry, paper towel products must also be provided and a garbage for disposal. Liquid pump soap, and lash shampoo to be provided for clients.




You must properly disinfect all your tools and sanitize your station after each use. You must use approved disinfectant according to health safety standards and regulations.


Wash your hands with industry standard antibacterial soap and apply disposable gloves before each client.










1- Use gel remover to clean off all glue from tools

2- Wash with antibacterial soap and water

3- Completely submerge into high level disinfectant solution (CS20) for the exact time on label

4- Remove and rinse in warm water

5- Store in a clean and sterile container

6- Clean the massage bed, tables, jade stone, tile, lamps, door knobs, countertops, trolley, anything client touches etc between each client using (Preempt RTU spray or wipes)

7- Clean your hands


Your lash room should have no porous material inside the room, example carpet, pillows, blankets to meet health standards or must be washed after each client if you desire.

All containers containing disposables should be sealed and labeled.

You MUST sanitize, sterilize, and disinfect your tools and room properly!! This is not a suggestion this is mandatory by Health Canada Regulations! 


  • Cavicide

  • Preempt

  • Cs20

  • Accel TB


*Follow the instructions on the label as to how to use properly*




- Barbicide

- Acetone

- Uv sterilizer

- Glass bead sterilizer

All your tweezers, mirrors, re usable products must be properly sterilized in CS20 after EACH USE!!

All your disposables must not be reused, They MUST be discarded!

your stations, mirrors, door handles, station, tables, chairs etc must be cleaned using preempt RTU spray or wipes.


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