Here are some videos FROM REAL LIVE students as they practice the fundamentals of lash application. You will notice students move very slowly , very clumsily and very shaky. THIS IS NORMAL!! Everyone starts off shaky and nervous, we have to build up our new hand muscles and this happens with PRACTICE! Listen as I softly guide her while she is learning.

Here you will notice very shaky isolation. I have her holding her isolation about 10 seconds each time to build up her confidence and start of muscle. I have studentrs practice isolation for atleast 20 minutes on their model before starting to apply extensions.

In this video you will notice the student is not only shaky however just when she thinks she gets a natural lash isolated I point out how she as a couple crossed over. Natural lashes can be crossed over above and underneath however it is MANDATORY that we get them out of the way as only 1 natural lashes can be between our tweezers. We must continue to "fish" "search" "dig" the others out of the way until we have successfully done so.

Here you will notice "just as she thinks" she has a natural lash isolated I point out that there is another tiny guy tucked underneath. Sometime the naturals almost "stick" together making it hard to tell there is more than one natural lash. You can have an idea of whether there are more than 1 natural by wiggling the natural around to see if any other lashes separate. You will also notice the "isolated" one is darker/thicker than normal. 

Watch as she starts to get the hang of "fishing" out the other hairs in the way. We can carefully grab by tips to pull to the side.

Here you will see she has a sticky. If we are using minimal glue, and they are barely attached we can easily slide up through the gap at the bottom as shown.

Here you will notice he student very slowly yet very shakily going through EVERY SINGLE HAIR to make sure there is only one natural lash per extension. REMEMBER that your glue can come into contact to the natural lashes in the surrounding areas in turn causing stickies to each other where there may not be any other extensions. We always go through every hair at the end to ensure clean work.

YOUR NOT ALONE! Every single lash tech has started from the exact same point! Here you will see her struggle to isolate. This can be very frustrating and overlwhelmbing. Take a DEEP breath, wipe your hands, take a minutes break and try again. Before you know it this will be a breeze.